The American Red Cross says they're seeing the worst blood shortage in more than a decade. That would seem to make sense with what's been happening over the last two years. There are probably many issues at play, but you have to figure that COVID would factor into the shortage in some way. COVID has caused countless activities and gatherings to be postponed or canceled and has made people isolated and not be as active as they normally would. Neither of those examples seem to be positives for something like blood donation that is dependent upon people volunteering their time and traveling to donate.

Krispy Kreme made news with their freebies last year

When Covid-19 vaccinations became available, Krispy Kreme got some serious PR when they announced they would give away a doughnut a day to anybody that provided proof of vaccination. That was pretty big news because it wasn't a one-and-done deal like so many things are. It was a free doughnut EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year! I would love to know how often that deal was redeemed by the person that took advantage of it the most!

They're back at it with a free dozen doughnuts for giving blood this week

I think scholars of the world are in agreement that there are three tiers when it comes to doughnut eating. One, chomping into a doughnut that you spent your hard-earned money on. Two, enjoying said doughnut but having the added satisfaction of knowing it was free. Or three, devouring the doughnut that is not only free but also brings you peace of mind because your effort to help others is what caused it to be free of charge. This week you can experience the highest level of doughnut satisfaction thanks to Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme wanted to find a way to show our support for those willing to roll up a sleeve and give blood during January, National Blood Donor Month. For one week, 1/24 – 1/31, anyone who donates blood or platelets will receive a free Original Glazed® dozen.  It’s our way of helping the American Red Cross increase awareness of this urgent need and saying “thanks” to those who step up to help their community.

Here's how to get your free dozen

It's pretty simple: Give blood, show proof that you did, polish off a dozen doughnuts. I suppose you could modify that last part to include sharing the dozen with others to avoid the sugar coma. But simply show your donor band or sticker, or your donor app at Krispy Kreme (the Missoula location is at 1025 W Central Ave), and you're all set.

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Where can you give blood?

If free doughnuts interest you, or you're just looking to get involved and become a blood donor without the bribery, follow this link to find out where you can donate locally.

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