I've seen her advertising it on her Facebook page for the past few weeks, and she has worked so hard to get her own show. I couldn't be more excited for my friend Monti Carlo to her her own show on the Food Network! It's called Help My Yelp. Monti as the host goes around to various restaurant that are currently getting bad reviews on Yelp and helps them fix the things that are causing them to have bad reviews.

Last night was the first episode that I've seen, and we got to see Monti in action helping a BBQ restaurant 20 minutes outside of Atlanta, GA. The first thing she fixed was that the restaurant was microwaving their ribs. Which everyone knows is just about the worst thing you can do when fixing ribs.

It will be fun to see how she transforms other restaurants. Make sure you check it out next week, Monday nights at 8pm here in Missoula on the Food Network.


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