I want to become a better cook, like most people I have a few things I can make but I want to learn more. One thing I learned that I am not good at making is ribs. I attempted to make my first rack of ribs over this past weekend. I found a good recipe online that I wanted to try and followed it step by step but the outcome was not good. The ribs were very tender just like I had hoped but they just didn't taste very good. Not sure if it was the rub I used, or if I just made a rookie mistake. One thing is for sure, I will go back to making delicious rib eyes on the grill. I think I may leave the ribs up to the professionals.

The way I really knew they weren't good, is when I was talking with my wife. I apologized because I didn't like the way the ribs tasted and instead of saying they are good, she said, "It's ok, it was your first try." HAHAHA The old saying is true, honesty is the best policy!

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