It was just over one week ago when Savannah and I got home from our trip to Cabo San Lucas. The sunshine and relaxation was exactly what we needed to recharge our batteries for 2018. While vacationing we spent time thinking about what we want to do more of in 2018, one of those things are cooking as a couple. We both enjoy making meals but more importantly we enjoy doing it together.

Before we left Mexico we got a tortilla press from a vendor and planned to make our own tortillas at home for taco nights. This weekend was our first shot at making some tortillas and quickly found out the press is more of a novelty item then anything else. So, after we made a few tortillas that were more like pancakes, we started getting the hang of them.

One thing is for sure, the people that make hand made tortillas back in Mexico have a real talent. Our tortillas were not coming out the perfectly round shape that you expect and were often thicker than expected. But we did have a great time spending Saturday night making some delicious food instead of just ordering it off a menu somewhere. Also, next time we attempt tortilla making, we will probably use a regular rolling pin to get them flatter.

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