You know them when you see them. That seems like a pretty accurate and flattering way to describe the incredible works of Missoula artist Monte Dolack.

The University of Montana Museum of Art and Culture will present the work of Mr. Dolack as the inaugural exhibition to begin their 125th season. The exhibit will run from January 17 until June 20, in the PAR/RV Center galleries on the University of Montana campus.

From fish swimming through the kitchen to farm fields mowed into the shapes of symphonic instruments to Aber Day Kegger posters, it would be hard to find someone who doesn't enjoy at least a little of the work of Monte Dolack. An alum of UM's School of Visual and Media Arts, he has helped define the nature and character of his home state of Montana for the past 50 years.

The exhibit in titled "Monte Dolack: The Artist's Nature." I finally got to meet Monte at a Big Brothers/Big Sisters fundraiser a few years ago. A terrific gentleman. I'm looking forward to seeing the collection for UM Art Museum's 125th.

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