Montana is not lacking in the technology craze that is the modern day. A new survey took a look at our 13-17 year-old teens and their habits with technology. 

A new study by the Pew Research Center called "Teens, Technology and Friendship" revealed a whole lot about the media habits of 13- to 17-year-olds.

Here are just some of the findings:

  • 55% of teens text with their friends every day. 49% say it's their first choice of communication.
  • Girls text more than boys, with 62% spending time texting their friends every day compared to 48% of boys.
  • Teen girls are more likely to unfollow and unfriend on social media than teen boys – 63% to 53%. And girls are also more likely to block someone – 53% to 37%.
  • Boys are much more likely to communicate via video games, with 74% of boys talking to friends while gaming compared to 31% of girls.
  • Teens don’t talk on the phone much, and when they do, it’s reserved for BFFs only. Just 19% of teens talk on the phone every day, but 69% says it’s their top choice for talking to those closest to them.
  • Social media drama is real. 52% of all teens have experienced social media drama in their circle of friends. 40% say they feel pressure to post "flattering" content that makes them more appealing to others, and 21% say they feel worse about their own lives because of what they see on social media.
  • But there's good in social media too: 68% of teens say they get support from their social media friends when going through a tough time.

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