Your Teens Favorite Restaurant
Teens spend the biggest chunk of their money on eating out, so analysts wanted to know just where they were choosing to plop down their cash. So if you have a teen a gift card to one of these for birthdays and holidays maybe a good idea.
Montana Teens Save Man’s Life
I have to give a little shout out to my home town, right now. It seems that a handful of track students from Frenchtown High School saved a man’s life this past weekend after a track meet. The man was having a seizure in his car in a grocery store parking lot and the teens acted quic…
5 Best Summer Jobs for Teens in Missoula
The most important thing to take into consideration when helping your teen hunt for a summer job is finding a job that fits them. If your teen is a clean freak, you may want to steer him or her away from a job in landscaping. However, if your teen loves the sun and the water, a lifeguard job might j…