We probably all remember using candy corn to simulate "vampire teeth" at some point in October back in 3rd grade.

But as adults, if you're a candy corn fan you probably just try to hide the bag as you're buying groceries, so you don't run into someone and "damage" your reputation. It's less embarrassing to still be shopping for racy lingerie at Victoria's Secret.

The same might be said for "Dubble Bubble" gum. Great when you wanted to impress that 5th grade "gang" by sharing a handful, but a "what did I ever see in this stuff" choice when you're 33. Yet, here was Montana in all of her glory a few years ago, known for our love of "Dubble Bubble", listed as our favorite Halloween candy by candystore.com.

But there are signs our sweet teeth are getting more mainstream, except at Christmas, when presents aren't the only thing we're hiding (last year reports showed us gobbling up the Christmas version of candy corn).

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While there are a lot of lists every year, based on everything from sales data to Google searches, candystore.com has data on their side, having tracked and studied our cravings since 2007.


And according to the new list, and just like last year, Montana has moved solidly in the Twix camp, with M&Ms in 2nd. (A competing list from Instacart claims we follow the Northwest trend of favoring Peanut M&Ms, along with Idaho, Washington and Oregon). We've also liked Baby Ruth in the past couple of years.

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Just don't look at #3

Apparently, that makes Montana like Arkansas, the only other state to list Twix as a favorite. The Number 1 nationwide is Reese's Cups, with M&Ms in second, and Hot Tamales, Skittles and Sour Patch Kids rounding out the Top 5.

And while Montana isn't being listed for our gum obsession anymore, Dubble Bubble is still #3, which means we're also like Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts, which have the durable gum as a backup pick.

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The candy corn conundrum

Candystore.com says candy corn is actually making a "comeback", being list back in the Top 10 again this Halloween. In fact, they have a love/hate poll going on right now to discover more.

I suspect Montanans will be putting their browsers into "private" mode to take that survey, because Idaho has candy corn as its #3 pick. So if you're coming back from Coeur d'Alene with plain brown grocery bags in the back of your SUV we're on to you.

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