Food trucks rock.

I don't know when they became ubiquitous, but it feels like food trucks became wildly attractive overnight. Maybe they took on a new life after the Jon Favreau-directed movie Chef (2014).

By the way, if you haven't seen Chef, I recommend checking it out. Just make sure you watch on a full stomach or you will be salivating over the homemade grilled cheese scenes or the Cubano scenes.

Food trucks pop up at breweries, festivals, concerts, city parks, or random streets at 2 am when you're in desperate need of food.

We had our first food truck fest of the season at Ogren Park for the annual fundraiser for Cancer Support Montana. It featured many mouth-watering cuisines:

Brick oven pizza

Soft serve ice cream


Boba Tea




You name it, Missoula's got it. We even have the notorious Noodle Wagon serving up the best drunk food you can find at 2 am in downtown Missoula. We have a great food truck scene because we don't need a food truck festival every weekend. No matter where you go there's a good chance you'll run into a food truck.

Though I hope you don't LITERALLY run into a truck.


Though I don't have time to publicize every food truck in the city, here's a good start to your informal Missoula Food Truck Guide (with each menu attached).

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Let us know what your favorite food trucks are or tell us what kind of food truck you want to see in Missoula.

14 Food Trucks To Try In Missoula

Gallery Credit: Ace Sauerwein

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