The Roxy Theater in Missoula has been closed to the public for over a year now, but that doesn't mean they've been laying dormant. The Roxy has been plenty busy with private screenings, video game parties, virtual film festivals, launching Centerfield Cinema at Ogren Park, and a lot more this past year. And one of the first projects they announced after the closure was The Roxy Garden, a small, socially-distanced outdoor screening space where they could screen movies in the alley behind the theater.

The Roxy Garden was only open for a short time last year - they finally finished it in August and had to shut it down after the cold weather started coming in after October. But I went to see a bunch of great movies there, including Rear WindowPee-Wee's Big AdventureHedwig and the Angry Inch, and Dazed and Confused. It's a great space for the kind of movies that might not draw a huge crowd like the ones at Centerfield Cinema, but still have a dedicated audience that'll turn out for them when they're playing.

And they don't just show movies there, either - I went to a great movie trivia night at the Roxy Garden last year, and it's also what they used to bring back Missoula's Homegrown Comedy, the weekly comedy show which used to take place inside one of the theaters. And Homegrown Comedy is officially back for 2021 - now that The Roxy Garden is reopening with the International Wildlife Film Festival, they've also placed some comedy on the schedule for the end of the month: Wednesday, April 28th at 7:00 PM.

Admission is only $10, but a heads up that The Roxy Garden is a pretty small space - I'm not sure if it's changed as some COVID restrictions have been lifted, but last year it generally seated about 24 people. So if you want to go, I'd suggest acting fast. You can get all the info and buy tickets at the Roxy's website.

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