Something New to Netflix!
Everyone is talking about the new season of 'Orange Is The New Black', but something special was just added to Netflix yesterday. The brand new Rodney Carrington comedy special 'Laughter's Good'!
That will give you a sample of what to expect on Thursday, August, 13th when Rod…
Rodney Carrington Coming to Missoula
94.9 KYSS FM presents Rodney Carrington's 'Here Comes The Truth' tour in Missoula Thursday, August, 13th at The Dennison Theatre. His unique style of stand-up comedy has been making people laugh for almost twenty years. Also a country singer-songwriter who has recorded eight comedy al…
We Want More Money!
The TV production season is just beginning to get underway, for premieres in September, but the lights are off on the set of The Big Bang Theory.
My First Time Doing Stand-up Comedy!
Two years ago I was asked by Ellen DeGeneres's long time writer and comedian Margaret Smith, to open up for her stand up comedy act. I had 24 hours to write and memorize my own 5 minute monologue...and it didn't turn out half bad!

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