The warm, inviting aromas of a thoughtfully prepared meal will soon permeate the homes of so many.

It is the time of year that family traditions are honored and cherished. But, if there is room to start one more tradition in your life, and you've spent days, no, maybe years, trying to add meaning to the spirit of Thanksgiving, perhaps your Mayflower ship has come in.

Because, who hasn't wanted to throw a turkey down the ice!

This is your chance, Missoula. Our professional baseball team, the Missoula Paddleheads, the Missoula Curling Club and Glacier Ice Rink have teamed up to offer Turkey Curling from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm this Friday, November 17, at the Glacier Rink.

For a $25 donation of either food or cash, or the donation of one frozen turkey, you can participate in a short learn-to-curl session followed by a quick game of turkey curling. Each donation in that $25 value range will be given 6 turkey curling tosses. Prizes will be awarded and all food and cash donations will be given to the Missoula Food Bank in support of their Can the Cats food drive.

No pre-registration is necessary. Just show up the night of the event. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. All curling gear and of course, turkeys, will be provided.

All ages are welcome, so it sounds like an ideal time to gobble up a new family tradition. If you'd like to find out about public programs, rentals and parties, youth and adult hockey and everything else our fabulous Glacier Ice Rink offers, visit them here.

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