June is National Pride Month, so over the past few weeks, we've been seeing all kinds of celebrations and events all around the country - and Missoula really went all out for Pride in a way that it hasn't in the past. There were tons of different events around town, from places like Ogren Park to Conflux Brewing - and then, of course, there was the Pride Parade and the block party that followed.

Pride Weekend in Missoula may officially be over, but the culture that surrounds it and allows it to thrive is a vital part of the community. That's probably why Missoula was just named the most LGBTQ+ Friendly City in the entire state of Montana.

Missoula Was Named Montana's Most LGBTQ+ Friendly City

Thrillist put a list together entitled, "The Most LGBTQ+ Friendly City in Every Red State in America." And for Montana, Missoula was the clear consensus choice.

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The article references the constantly-shifting, progressive community of young people that the presence of the University of Montana facilitates as a key factor for picking Missoula; they also mention that Missoula was, "the first city in Montana to pass municipal anti-discrimination laws as protections at the state level continue to flounder."

Plus, you've got the Western Montana LGBTQ+ Community Center, the gay men's chorus, a welcoming downtown atmosphere and more that put Missoula over the top.

Just being at some of the Pride events recently, all of this stuff about Missoula becomes incredibly clear - but do you think another Montana city deserves the title?

Missoula Pride Parade 2022

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