How many times in the last month have you uttered the phrase "hot enough for ya?" We've had some record heat - and a quick check of the weather app on my phone shows nothing under 90 degrees in the next ten days. Five of those days are supposed to be 95 degrees, and three are projected at 99! We're pretty lucky that when the temps get toasty we have plenty of ways to keep cool around Missoula.

Splash decks, water park, pools, the river.....there's always water activities nearby to help beat the heat. It's a bonus living where we do since we're blessed with the beauty of surrounding nature. But it looks like for some, a trip to the river ended up including a little extra unwanted scenery.

The heat can make you do some crazy things

How do we put this? It seems somebody decided to break out their own worm when they weren't exactly fishing at the river.....if you know what I mean. This mystery man thought he would give passersby a little bit of the ol' drop & flop - an unwanted session of adult show & tell. Yep, we've got ourselves a classic flasher.

The Missoula County Sheriff's Office posted the picture below - and the details - on their Facebook page today:

The first couple of comments on the Sheriff's Office post included:

- Again?! This is like the third time I’ve heard of this happening. Or is this an older report just being broadcasted?

- This is going on to much in Missoula! These guys are sick and need locked up!

Maybe it's all a misunderstanding?

Maybe we'll get some answers if they find the guy. Does he get a thrill from showing off the goods? Or maybe there's a reasonable explanation - like he thought there was a bee in his underwear and he was trying to shake things out down there before he got stung in a spot you don't really want to get stung.

Until we get the answers to those questions, if you now anything - contact the Missoula County Sheriff's Office using the phone numbers in the Facebook post above.

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