I had some family visiting over Memorial Day weekend and a hike up the 'M' was one thing on our agenda. I've done the hike a few times but had never paid any attention to the flower garden at the base of the trail. Yep, I had never taken the time to stop and smell the roses peonies. Actually, I had never heard of a peony up until that point.

My mom texted me a few days after she returned home and was talking about how the peony garden was the most amazing she had ever seen as far as the size of it. But most of the flowers weren't actually in bloom while we were there to hike so she suckered me into going back to the UM campus to take pictures and video of the peonies in bloom.

It was actually pretty cool to see and I figured I would take a minute and share the pictures I took. If you've never been - you can marvel at the beauty through my photographs until you're able to experience them in person.

UM Peony Garden

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