A friend, Vanessa Williams, who was raised in Corvallis MT, is dealing with some serious challenges. Her parents were badly injured in an automobile crash on Saturday, November 29. Here's the accident story courtesy of KPAX TV, Vanessa's story and how you can help. She has a fundraising website set up at gofundme.com. Here is the link if you would like to help this young woman who has given so much to the Bitterroot Valley and its kids over the years.

Image courtesy of Vanessa Williams
Image courtesy of Vanessa Williams


My parents were involved in roll over accident near Bonner MT due to icy road conditions on Saturday  Nov. 29th. The truck hit black ice and flipped. My mother (64) ended up escaping the vehicle but my father (72) was pinned in the vehicle upside down for an hour until the jaws of life were able to get him out.

Both of them were hospitalized that evening at Saint Patrick Hospital in Missoula. My mother suffers from a fractured eye socket, two fractured ribs, a broken collar bone and sinus cavity. They are monitoring her condition as the fractured eye socket is on the same side as an unclipped aneurism that she previously had.
My father was released with a fractured C-7 vertebrae on Sunday afternoon. Both are stable and will recover with no major injuries.

Unfortunately, they only had liability insurance on the truck and no longer have a vehicle. The truck was completely totaled due to the rollover accident.  I set up this fund in hopes that I could raise enough money for a down payment towards another vehicle for them. For now family is providing food and care until they can get well. They have no transportation however to get to and from the hospital if needed or to get any basic needs like food unless provided by family and community.

I'm hoping this story touches the right people and will help my family this holiday season. I'm so incredibly thankful that they are both alive and I just would love to be able to provide transportation for them after such a tragic event. I am an only child and almost losing both of your parents at the same time really shocks you back to the reality of what is most important in life.   I will be flying home on the 13th this month to take care of them and help sort things out but I am trying the best that I can in order to help them from Denver until I can get there.

Thank you anyone and everyone out there that can help.

I appreciate everyone more than you know.

Happy holidays.

Vanessa Wililams

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