It's called "Project59870," representing businesses located in Stevensville's 59870 zip code. The 501-c-3 group has been put together to help shutdown businesses "stay afloat." Much like the Hamilton Business Relief Fund, Project59870 has a GoFundMe site on the web and is intending to "get assistance into the hands of Stevensville businesses - quickly." In their news release, Victoria Howell of the Bitterroot Star newspaper said as donations come into the fund, the board of directors will will review request applications for approval. The board consists of Cheryl Burgmeier, Jaime Devlin, Brandon Dewey, Victoria Howell, Joan Prather, Maureen Wali and Tonu Wali. Potential uses of the money will be payment of mortgage or rent, utilities, insurance or other business-related expenses.

The gofundme site was set up earlier this month. Howell said that if you are unable to donate, please support Stevensville's local businesses by purchasing gift cards and patronizing those establishments that may be opening in the recent phased-in statewide reopening. Make sure you keep safety precautions with distance separations, masks, and frequent hand-washing.

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