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If you've been following the attack on the M that occurred last Friday, you'll know that the suspect is in custody and that a woman has been hospitalized in Salt Lake City as a result of it.

That was Jennifer Gress, who was seriously injured in front of her son and needs several major reconstructive surgeries. Her family has launched a GoFundMe page with a $30,000 goal - and amazingly, as of this writing, they've already reached $23,000.

It's amazing to see the community reach out and try to help the family in this trying time. Here's the message from the family taken from the page:

Jenny is a loving mother to 2 children, wife to a Marine Combat Veteran and a behavioral health counselor for children at the Frenchtown School District.

Jenny was critically injured when she was brutally attacked while hiking with her son near the M trail on April 10th, 2020. She suffered devastating injuries to her head and face.  She was flown to a Salt Lake City Hospital to receive critical care.

She’s incredibly strong, yet she has a long road to recovery. She will have extensive medical bills related to her care as well as her inability to work.  Jenny will need reconstructive surgeries with follow up doctor visits.  

All funds we receive will go directly to Jenny to cover medical expenses and costs associated with her recovery.  We appreciate all of your donations and are incredibly thankful for all the support we’ve received.

If you'd like to help the family out, you can do that right here.

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