Sweet, gentle, and loves the company of other animals and children. And now without the company of his longtime companion.

That is the brief descriptor and predicament facing Berny, the elderly donkey, who is also suffering physically, in need of urgent medical care. And in typical small-town Montana fashion, a community is taking the reigns to try to make it happen.

Berny resides in the Thompson Falls area. His life has taken an unexpected turn after his owner died. The family who he is currently with is unable to provide for him. Svetlana posted on Berny's GoFundMe page that "we have received permission to care for this lovely creature. Berny's hooves are in dire need of immediate professional attention, causing him discomfort and pain. And we are reaching out to you, kind hearted people, for support."

From donkeys' life-expectancy statistics, Berny has had an impressive run. His age is estimated at somewhere between 40 and 50, but most likely near the higher end of that range. Berny's hooves need trimming and are causing him significant pain, and he urgently needs professional care. The family sheltering him does not have the funds for this.

Thompson Falls Montana
Image courtesy of GoFundMe

His gentle yet sad spirit has already touch the lives of numerous residents. Financial contributions will go directly towards Berny's medical care, including the essential hoof trimming he urgently requires. They also hope that a skilled hoof care professional might be willing to donate their expertise.

If you would like to help Berny live out the rest of his days in comfort, remember that every donation or act of kindness brings them one step closer to providing Berny with the love and attention he deserves.

You can get more information on how you can be of assistance here.

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