Are you still trying to find that perfect family gift? One that goes far beyond video games, monitors, and the couch and embraces the outdoor Montana lifestyle?

How about bringing Thor home for Christmas?

No, we're not talking about bringing Chris Hemsworth over to break peanut brittle with his famous hammer. Nor even a Marvel action figure. 

We're talking about Thor, one of the most lovable critters to ever come through our studio doors on our most recent "Take Me Home Tuesday" segment. 

Allison, from the Humane Society of Western Montana, brought Thor over for a visit. No thunderclaps, or appearances by the Avengers or Thanos. But there was a lot of tail wagging. 

Thor is a 6-year-old male who is neutered, vaccinated, and ready to come home for the holidays. Allison says he's a "sweetheart that loves people" who is okay with other dogs, as long as he has a slow introduction. He showed that in the studio, very cautious on coming in and then quickly making himself at home. 

Thor is a mixed breed, possibly with some lab, with a beautiful tan color and a proud head with very expressive, wide-set eyes. I noted he has a muscular, but "very cuddly" look at the same time. Allison says he likes car rides and walks, and would be right at home in town, or out of town where he could enjoy the outdoors. 

If you'd like to meet Thor or any of the other wonderful pets for adoption, swing by the Humane Society Shelter on U.S. 93 just south of Blue Mountain Road. 

Maybe they have a kitty named "Hulk" you could team up with "Thor" for the family to "marvel" at over the holidays into 2023. 

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