Missoula Gives kicks off today, an annual fundraising event that benefits nonprofit businesses and organizations all throughout Missoula. Last year, they were able to raise over $800,000. This year, the goal is to surpass that and hit $1,000,000.

The event kicks off at 5 PM today, May 6th, and lasts for 26 hours, ending at 7 PM tomorrow, May 7th. There are over 150 different nonprofits participating that could use your help, and you can actually peruse the list over the Missoula Gives website.

And once you've made a donation and want to celebrate your generosity, why not check out Glacier Ice Rink. To help drive donations, Glacier Ice Rink is offering FREE ice skating on Friday, May 7th between 12 PM and 7 PM to anyone who donated to any nonprofit for Missoula Gives. You don't have to reserve a spot on the rink or anything - just show them your donation receipt and you'll be good to go.

And, if you donate to Glacier Ice Rink themselves, you get an added bonus - a coupon for a free cone from Big Dipper Ice Cream!

You can find out more info about Glacier Ice Rink's Missoula Gives promotion over at their Facebook event page. And if you're able to give to a nonprofit during Missoula Gives, please do - this is a huge annual boost for so many organizations in town that need help, especially after having experienced more difficulties last year than ever before.

Think you'll take advantage of some free ice skating at Glacier Ice Rink on Friday?

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