You probably wouldn't have much of a reaction if I told you Dan Whitney was performing stand-up comedy in Spokane. I guess if you were a HUGE fan of the sheer art of comedy it might excite you a bit. And I suppose if you actually knew a guy named Dan Whitney and thought it might be him - you would also be kind of intrigued. The good news for Dan Whitney is that people are always excited to see him perform, they just happen to know him better as Larry the Cable Guy. But check out the video below to see Dan Whitney doing his pre-Larry comedy. Wow! That's a trip!

Everyone's favorite redneck comedian will make a stop at Northern Quest Resort & Casino this summer

Northern Quest has a pretty impressive lineup of shows on the calendar, including a Tenacious D concert that was just announced earlier today. But comedy will be on display as Larry the Cable Guy takes the stage on August 18th.

Larry the Cable Guy is a Billboard winner and Grammy-nominated funnyman who’s been making people belly laugh for decades. His signature Southern drawl and well-known catchphrases lend themselves to a string of stand-up tours, farce films, beloved animated movies, comedy albums, a best-selling book, and more.

How's this for a fun fact?

If you've never seen Larry the Cable Guy do stand-up comedy, you've definitely seen him somewhere over the years in television shows or moves. Or if you had kids in the 2000's you would know him as the voice of Mater in the Cars movies from Disney.

My favorite piece of Larry the Cable Guy trivia is that he once replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger as the lead role in a movie sequel! It's true! Arnold starred in Jingle All the Way but it was Larry as the main man in Jingle All the Way 2.

Ticket information for Larry the Cable Guy in Spokane

It'll definitely be a night of laughs with Larry at Northern Quest. Tickets for the show are on sale now and they're priced at $39 | $49 | $69 | $89. Get details for the show and purchase tickets HERE.

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