It seems like everything is starting to line up for the 2022 summer concert season at KettleHouse Amphitheater! We find ourselves in a better spot with COVID than we've been in the last two years and the weather looks like it wants to start cooperating and providing some warmer temperatures. And don't forget, we also filled in the details on one of the most important aspects of a concert night - the food that will be served as part of the Top Hat menu at the concession stands! I would say we're definitely ready for a few months of live outdoor music! As we get ready for the first KettleHouse show on May 24, Logjam Presents is reminding us all about how to be a sustainable concertgoer and help good ol' Mother Earth as we have our fair share of fun.

Logjam's website has posted its Going Green Guide to help us make decisions that will minimize waste and keep Missoula looking her best.

We’re super thankful to live in such a gorgeous area with our venue located along the beautiful Blackfoot River. Let’s all do what we can to minimize waste, clean up after ourselves and keep this place in pristine condition. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s help with this. Together, we can help Missoula reach its shared goal of #ZeroByFifty.

A few of the recommendations and reminders include:

Bike to the show
A bike ride from Downtown Missoula to KettleHouse Amphitheater is less than 9 miles and takes about 45 mins. You don't have to fight the hassle of parking and you can lock bikes using the racks outside of the amphitheater.

Carpool to the show
It's more gas efficient to travel with friends. Just make sure you have a parking pass if you plan to park in the Amp lot. Uber and Lyft are also available.

Shuttle to the show
You can take the Groove shuttle from the Top Hat to the Amphitheater and back for just $10. Get tickets outside of the Top Hat on show days or reserve them on the individual show pages at Logjam's website.

Ditch the plastic
Brink an empty reusable bottle or steel pint cup. You can fill them with water inside the venue. You'll find fill stations at each bar area.

Did you know almost everything served at KettleHouse Amphitheater is compostable or recyclable? Cups, plates, cutlery, straws, napkins, and more are compostable. Cans, aluminum bottles, tickets, and paper can go in blue recycling bins.

Leave no trace
Before you leave the amphitheater, pick up and dispose of your waste.

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It doesn't take much effort to make a difference. See the full Going Green Guide from Logjam Presents HERE.

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