We all wait for that time of year when the young ladies dressed in their cute vests and sashes go around selling Girl Scout Cookies. Personally I love the Samoa's and Thin Mints. Though many young ladies put many feet of work into this time of year, one girl in particular stands out this year.

Chances are if you live in Oklahoma City or have family there, they were approached by little Katie Francis. Katie made selling Girl Scout Cookies more then a task, she made it her life. Katie asked everyone she came in contact with, and by everyone she meant everyone. Katie broke the decade long record of selling the most boxes, originally held by Elizabeth Brinton, who sold approximately 18,000 in the 1980's. Katie sold 18,107 boxes, she says there are three ingredients needed to rack up large sales: a lot of time, a lot of commitment and asking everyone she met to buy. For this Girl Scout, she will go down in Girl Scout history

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