I love my Canadian friends but I am little confused why Alberta, CA would use a picture of Montana as the picture for THEIR new licence plate. Even Canadians think it's odd. 

Ear­li­er this month, the province unveiled three potential designs for a new licence plate, which will be available next spring. The pub­lic is en­cour­aged to vote in an online sur­vey to de­ter­mine which plate will be used. The plate in question has rolling hills and moun­tains in the back­ground, Canadian Brent Nicols recognized the scen­ery decor­at­ing one of the options for Alberta’s new li­cence plate im­medi­ate­ly but it's not a place in canada.

Brent says “That’s Sweetgrass Hills in Mon­tana,” he said firm­ly. “I know that for a fact.” The de­sign that Nicols be­lieves is based on Sweetgrass Hills uses a stock photo the prov­ince pur­chased from Shutterstock, said Service Alberta spokes­woman Lisa El­liott. The photo was titled “Foot­hills of Alberta,” she said.

The problem is it isn't, it is a place in Montana. False titling on Shutterstocks fault and not a smart marketing move for Alberta, who should know what is actually in their province and promote that don't you think.

We want to know what you think? Is it cool they used our photo? Don't you think a plate for a certain area should depict their actual area?


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