We want to applaud a very special Girl Scout troop for what they plan to do with their cookie profits.

Now, we all know that buying Girl Scout Cookies is a contribution-based transaction. We don't get a lot of cookie for the buck. And that is totally fine with me. I know I'm really making a donation to Girl Scouts, with a Thin Mint or two as my reward.

But anybody who bought cookies from Girl Scout Troop 3484 in New York City must feel extra special, as their money is going to veterans. About $4,000 will be donated through the Mayor's Office on Veterans Affairs. The Girl Scout Troop is also working on Project Welcome Home, to give gift baskets of household items to veterans that have been placed in permanent housing.

Sounds like a pretty good batch of fourth-graders, 17 of them!  Thanks, gals. Proud of you.


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