Girl Scout Cookie season is still months away. Now that's a generic estimate I would give if I wasn't craving some Thin Mints right now. But since I am, it got me poking around and looking up the exact number of days (171 as I write this) until cookies go on sale in Missoula. It's completely normal to want to make a mental note of the day, right? Right.

When that glorious day does roll around in early February, it looks like the Girl Scouts will be offering up a new choice when it comes to cookies. Today's announcement introduced Adventurefuls as "full of indulgent brownie-inspired flavor with a combination of chocolatey and caramel flavors, and smooth and crispy textures, for an incredible taste of adventure in every bite.” Ummm, alright, you sold me. I'm in!

It's always fun to pop into our break room here at the station and see what random food has been left for the taking. It could be leftovers from a meeting, an impulse buy that somebody didn't enjoy and they didn't want to finish, or maybe the occasional donuts that are left for staff. But I think we all agree that one day is a treat unlike all others. That delicious day when someone ducks into the break room and sees the boxes that have been left by the Girl Scouts. You know the rule - first in wins! You can only hope to be one of the early discoverers so that your favorites haven't been picked over.

Start the countdown for all the cookies you love - and a brand new flavor. The beginning of February will be here before you know it and you can get your fix of Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, and more!

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