Girl Scout cookies, a family tradition for over a hundred years is taking a huge step forward in the COVID 19 era with a new method of delivery.

Marketing and Communications Manager for Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming, Kristi Osterlund, has details about another year of the iconic treats.

“It's that time of year where nationally Girl Scout cookie programs are kicking off and we are less than a month away from the Montana Wyoming Girl Scout cookie program,” said Osterlund. “It is set to kick off on February 5 this year.”

Osterlund said due to COVID, there will be some changes in delivery methods.

“The Girl Scouts will continue to do the program as they have in the past, but we'll be doing things in a socially distanced and safe manner,” she said, “Door to door selling may look more like a door hanger, and there will be information left to contact a troop leader and do their order perhaps via text.”

The big change in delivery starting in 2021 involves a worldwide company.

“The Girl Scouts of the USA is collaborating with Grubhub, the food ordering and delivery platform,” she said. “Now this is something that is new but only in select cities. Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming is expected to utilize Grub hub for delivery or pickup of Girl Scout cookies.”

Osterlund said Grubhub is making special arrangements to assist the Girl Scout program.

“The beautiful thing is Grubhub is waiving all the fees for the Girl Scout organization to even make this option feasible,” she said. “So the use of Grubhub is not taking away at all from the funds that Girl Scout troops and councils typically get from the cookie program.”

Customers can purchase cookies in person at Girl Scout Cookie Booths (where available) beginning March 26th.


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