Kidabaloo is coming this weekend and they will have a costume contest! So here are my top 5 easier Halloween costumes for the kids. 

This Saturday have your kids get dressed up! Maybe do a practice run on the costume for the chance to win with Party America. At 2:15 pm they will have a costume contest and the winners get a Party America $50 gift cards for the top 4 creative, funny, superhero and princess costume winners.

Here's some easier ideas that may still win a prize.

1. Where's Waldo: An easy one and cute. Find a red and white stripped hat and shirt, circle frames ( no lenses most likely) blue jeans and there you go. Can be switched for girls too.

2. Cat Lady : Grab a child's robe and some cat stuffed animals. You can safety pin the cats to the robe, throw some rollers in her hair and some slippers and she's a cat lady.

3. Basketball trophy: Grab regular basketball clothes ( sweat-band, shorts and gym shirt) and a basketballl, spray paint them all gold and you have a basketball trophy!

4. Classic Witch: This requires a witches hat, a black or dark dress and to dig in the make-up drawer to draw some moles. I don't always think they need a broom, but if you want one is easily made with an old broom you disassemble and use hemp or jute cord to wrap it to look more like a witches broom.

5. Zombie: The Walking Dead new season just premiered and this is still a popular costume for kids. Easy enough with white make-up and fake blood (or red lipstick) and you can zombie anyone up. Make sure to use clothes you don't care about. You can even burn some of the ends of the clothes.

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