I don't know if it's the continuation of COVID or maybe that the summer weather was so nice for so long, but this Halloween season has felt like it took a while to really get kicked into gear. It could also be the fact that we were getting news about cancellations before we even had any events on the calendar. Yes, it's a bit of a weird fall without the Missoula Maze and the Missoula Haunted House being options for entertainment. But as we've moved closer toward the holiday, we've found plenty of activities that are providing fall and Halloween fun for Missoula.

Ready for fun at Fort Missoula?

I found out about this one a bit late but coming up on Saturday (10/16), Fort Missoula Regional Park will once again play host to the Fall Family Fest. Actually, it's kind of a milestone this time around. This year is actually the 20th Fall Family Fest. If you have kids, this is always a fun day! It runs from 1 PM to 4 PM and has plenty of activities to keep the family entertained.

It was pretty fun the last time we took my daughter. With all there is to do, including hayrides, music, cider pressing, games, and food, we had to laugh as she spent most of her time just jumping in the piles of leaves.

You can't beat that price

Fall Family Fest is a free event but they do suggest a $1 donation that will help support youth recreation. And when you get right down to it where else are you going to find family fun that's cheaper than a dollar per person?

If you're looking for something to do for the weekend, stop by Fort Missoula Regional Park and have a little fun!

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