Two weeks ago I turned 30 years old and my wonderful wife got me a smoker! I had never owned a smoker before but I want to be a better cook, especially for BBQ's. For years I have been using a grill but I learn something new every time I fire up the grill. Whether it is to leave the meat alone while it is cooking or to invest in a nice grill so it doesn't have hot spots.

So this past weekend, I finally got the opportunity to try out my new smoker. It went great, the ribs I made literally fell off the bone when I tried to put them on the grill for the final five minutes of cooking. They were fantastic! But I did learn with a smoker you have to be patient. On a grill you can make food so quickly, that is not the case with a smoker. The ribs took between four to five hours to perfect. So long story short, get a smoker and use it a lot just make sure you get it started in the morning so it's ready before 9pm at night. :)


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