Like most couples, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert rely on each other for advice -- especially when it comes to their careers. Blake says Miranda usually gives him good, solid advice. Blake's advice to Miranda? Not so solid.

Blake Shelton says, "Every time I've ever helped her when she's like 'What single should I put out next?'And this goes back to her very first album. And I said, 'Man, "New Strings.'" I said, '"New Strings" is so much bigger than "Kerosene" that's going to be your song.' And I think that song ended up going to 30 or something like that. It didn't do very good. And she's like 'Oh, thanks. You got any other advice?'

Blake did give Miranda some great advice when she was picking a song to sing with Carrie Underwood. Miranda was leaning toward a slower  song, but Blake suggested the two do a rocker, which resulted in "Somethin' Bad."