Thanks to our recent heat wave, I’ve been researching ways to keep cool. I was surprised to find some very unusual ways to keep cool. These cool remedies range from lotions and herbal supplements, to mind power and eating habits. I plan on trying at least a few of these to help beat the sweltering heat.






  • Eating spicy foods that contain curry and chili peppers can cause you to sweat which helps to cool down your body.

  • Eat smaller meals and more of them. Smaller meals help your body create less metabolic heat when digesting, helping to keep your body cooler.

  • Try the herbal supplement called Black Cohosh. It works wonders for relieving hot flashes and night sweats in women going through “the change.” It is thought to effect the hypothalamus gland which helps to regulate body temperature.

  • Use aloe vera gels or lotions instead of your usual moisturizers to help keep your skin cool.

  • Lay back, relax and picture a beautiful Montana winter day. The crisp chill in the air that takes your breath away as you step outside. Your body responds to these wishful daydreams and your body’s temperature drops.