Two years ago today in the 'Viva Las Vegas' Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada my wife Savannah and I said, "I do". What an amazing two years it has been. Just like every marriage, it has been a struggle at times but way more good than bad. We talk about everything together, and hide nothing. It's such a great feeling waking up next to your soul mate each morning. Knowing that there is nothing in life that we can't get through together. As a husband I couldn't be more happy. I know that I am a better person with Savannah by my side, and I try to tell her how much she means to me everyday.

Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins

One thing Savannah and I both believe in is always keep learning and growing together. We know that even after nine years together we still have a lot to learn. There are still huge obstacles that we will face, but as long as we face things as a team, we will be just fine.

Photo courtesy of Savannah Jenkins

If I could give one bit of advice to couples getting married soon, it would be to keep your relationship off the computer. This isn't from a mistake I've learned, but as a couple, your relationship should be between you and your spouse. No one needs to know about your relationship on Facebook or Twitter. Leave that to the Kardashians.

If you could give one bit of advice for couples like me and Savannah, who want to be together for the next fifty years, what advice would you give?

Yes, this was the song for our first dance. Without a doubt, the best day of my life!