A moose found dead in Missoula County has authorities looking for a poacher.

"We had a moose that was poached just east of Missoula in the Schwartz Creek Road area," said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokeswoman Vivica Crowser. "Someone shot the moose and just left it there near the road, and what we are hoping is that someone saw something and that they'd be willing to call with some tips."

The moose was discovered on Monday, but was likely killed over the weekend.

"The whole moose was left, so no parts of it were taken," Crowser said. "We think it was about a 3 to 4 year-old bull moose, and unfortunately this is something that we see all too often where someone will encounter an animal, in this case a moose, near a roadway, and will just take the opportunity and shoot it and leave it."

Anyone with information about the poaching is asked to call 1 800 TIP-MONT.

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