First things first: Make sure you have your 2024 Montana fishing license! The new year kicked in March 1.

In spite of what sounds like pretty sketchy weather in western Montana this weekend, anglers looking to land some trout in open water might want to check out a pond that was just stocked with some fairly plump rainbow trout this week. While it might not give you that much of an added edge, you at least know that there are some new residents worth trying to land.


Full disclosure: You are not getting inside intel here. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has a page on their website dedicated to fish-planting schedules for practically every body of water in the state. The data includes date fish were planted, quantity, size and the hatchery from which they came. What makes this one intriguing is that it is the only water in the Missoula area for which we could find notice of fish being planted so far in 2024.

Montana Fishing Reports
Image courtesy of MT FWP


On Tuesday, March 19, Montana FWP posted the planting of 80 20-inch rainbow trout in  lovely little Beavertail Pond, less than 30 miles east of Missoula right along Interstate 90. FWP pays frequent visits to Beavertail with generous stocking allotments throughout much of the year. Whether you fish from shore or take small watercraft out on the water, the fishing can pretty good. Even if it's not, the picturesque setting is a nice consolation prize.


No doubt as the weather continues to warm, FWP planting schedules will pick up significantly in the very near future. Even if it's not a guarantee you'll catch fish, it's fun and interesting to keep an eye on that stocking schedule page.

Good fishing one and all!

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