Montana has definitely had its share of celebrity visits over the last year. We've heard about a bunch of movies being filmed across the state, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez paid the Treasure State a visit back in May, and a Tom Brady/Aaron Rodgers showdown on a Big Sky golf course made huge headlines over the summer. Missoula has obviously spent plenty of time on the lookout for the cast of Yellowstone as they've filmed locally - and we even had Kevin Costner in town for a day last fall.

Not only did Missoula have a celebrity visitor today - it happened to be one of Missoula's favorite celebrities who spent some time living here and attended the University of Montana years ago. The ZACC posted a picture to Facebook of actor J.K. Simmons paying the art center a visit.

He's played a ton of roles over the years - but since it's where I see him most, he's just the Farmers Insurance guy to me. And what exactly was he doing in downtown Missoula today? Filming a project somewhere close? Getting away for a little R&R? Replenishing his stock of huckleberry jam? Well, I don't exactly have the answer. The ZACC just posted a couple of pictures and that was that.

Someone left a comment on the post that suggested he might be in town for U of M Homecoming. But homecoming festivities aren't really starting until the 20th - so it seems like it's a bit too early for that to be the case. Regardless of the reason behind the visit, people have nothing but nice things to say about J.K. Simmons. Other comments on the ZACC's post include knowing him since he was born, going to high school with him, and one person saying he gave the graduation speech at their U of M graduation.

Yep, be sure to keep your eyes open when you're out and about - you just don't know who you might run into these days!

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