I think the reason I love this idea that's being used by the Montana Repertory Theatre so much is that I used to love those books in grade school where you would pick the next event that would happen to the main character. It was fun to have the power to take the story in whatever direction suited your interest the most. It might not be the exact experience with instant results, but how about being able to have some direct feedback that will help mold the future of a local play?

This is a cool idea

A new play by the Montana Repertory Theatre is hitting the stage and they're making it known that what you see is a work in progress. A KPAX story tells how the audience will help shape the story by providing thoughts and suggestions after each performance. The goal is to mold the play into a new holiday tradition that is suited to the Missoula community. It sounds kind of fun! You're watching the play but also know that what you're seeing could still be tweaked and your ideas could be used for possible changes.

A new Missoula tradition?

Everything about Hearth: A Yuletide Tale is pretty much as local as you can get. Aside from local playgoers providing feedback, the story is set in Missoula, and the story was written by a Montanan. It plays at the Zootown Arts Community Center from Thursday (12/16) through Saturday (12/19.) Learn more about the show and get ticket information HERE.

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Power to the people

Since we're thinking about it, I'm all for every movie and television show adopting user-guided storylines like those books I read long ago. You would never have to see your favorite characters get killed off of a show or be left with that incomplete feeling at the end of a movie because of the way it ended! Sure, production costs would skyrocket because of all the extra scenes that had to be filmed but that's just a minor detail that needs to be worked out with my master plan.

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