One of the best shows I've been to since I moved to Missoula four years ago was back in early 2019, when AJJ, Antarctigo Vespucci, and Lisa Prank all played together at The Top Hat. I was a longtime AJJ fan seeing them for the first time, plus I was a fan of everyone involved in Antarctigo Vespucci through other projects, AND I got introduced to a terrific Seattle-based band in Lisa Prank. I look back on that show incredibly fondly (and even got to talk to AJJ lead singer Sean Bonnette for a little bit a few days before the show).

So you can imagine how excited I am to discover that AJJ is officially coming back to Missoula!

AJJ Will Perform at the ZACC on Thursday, August 18th

If you're not familiar with AJJ, they're a folk-punk band originally known as Andrew Jackson Jihad from Phoenix, Arizona. I think they've pretty consistently been one of the best bands around for a long time, so I was pretty stoked to see them making a return appearance in Missoula in 2022, which they announced on their social media pages.

AJJ will be performing with WHY? in the Show Room at the ZACC, and you'll be able to get your tickets beginning on Friday, May 20th at the ZACC's website. (Although you'll be able to get tickets to AJJ's shows a day early if you're a member of their Patreon Page.)

This is definitely one to turn up for - if it's anything like the last time they played in Missoula, it's going to make for a memorable show!

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