Previously, I wouldn't have given this news a second look. But I've become a little more interested in golf over the last few years. After tearing my ACL playing soccer, I was on the hunt for a hobby with a bit less in the way of physical requirements. As a result I ended up really getting into golf for the first time. And even if your golf skills are seriously lacking like myself, the great thing about living where we do is that there's a bunch of courses - and the scenery from any one of them is pretty awesome.

Even though I really like playing the game, I still think golf is pretty boring to watch. But I do like the fun exhibitions, known as "The Match"  that have been put together over the last couple of years. They've been fun competitions that haven't had the tough restrictions of PGA tournament golf - and they've put some fun rivalries in the mix.

There's been a few different versions that have taken place:

The Match - Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson in Las Vegas
The Match: Champions for Charity - Tiger Woods & Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson & Tom Brady in Florida
The Match: Champions for Change - Phil Mickelson & Charles Barkley vs. Peyton Manning & Stephen Curry in Arizona

An announcement today has the next version of the event happening in Montana! "The Match" will hold their next event at The Reserve at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky and feature the pairing of Phil Mickelson & Tom Brady taking on Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers. And if you recall, it was just months ago that Brady beat Rodgers on the football field to punch his ticket to another Super Bowl. Players are mic'd up during the contest - so there should probably be a bit of back-and-forth with some playful trash talk between all parties. Do you think Brady has home-field advantage? We know he's not stranger to Big Sky.

It's pretty cool news that Big Sky will be featured because there's a lot of attention that will be put on the course as it hosts the event. Moonlight Basin is listed as the #3 best private course in Montana according to Golfweek. I'm not sure what the ticket situation is - or if spectators will even be allowed - but the beauty of the Big Sky course will be on display through the television broadcast for all to see. The event will be televised live on Tuesday, July 6th at 3 p.m. MT on TNT.

A Golfweek article says the event will help with donations to Feeding America and other charities.

Dang! How cool would it be to head over to Big Sky - to be there in person to see some of the biggest names in golf play with two of the top stars of the NFL?

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