Today was one that we won't soon forget, as we welcomed the Nutmobile to our radio stations on Reserve Street in Missoula. The three employees (Peanutters) working for Planters Nuts were Zach, Kota, and Jacqueline. These three are always in a good mood and up for a shell of a time!

While we enjoyed having them at our radio stations they are very busy traveling to Butte and Billings after their time here in Missoula. But there are still opportunities for you to spend time with them and get your #PeanutPic. You can find the Nutmobile at the Walmart on HWY 93 South in Missoula from Noon-5pm on Thursday 4/19 and the Walmart on Mullan in Missoula from Noon-5pm on Friday 4/20.

They keep a very similar routine to the iconic Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, but the group with the Nutmobile are too nutty for the Weinermobile. If you have time this week to visit the Nutmobile I highly recommend it and make sure you connect with The Nutmobile on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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