It used to be all about the popcorn and cracker jacks, not any more. When visiting a baseball stadium it's now much more than a game, it's an experience with a huge variety of eating options. Every ballpark is going to offer the standards like a hot dog but look at some of these extreme options now available at certain stadiums:

The College Daze Bloody Mary is being offered at Minnesota Twins home games this year. The $19 Blood Mary is garnished with a slice of pepperoni pizza, a beef stick, cheese, an olive, celery and a pickle spear


The Houston Astros are selling a ''Chicken and Waffle Cone” featuring fried chicken pieces, mashed potatoes and honey mustard slammed into the cone


The Phillies are serving the “Wayback Triple Triple” cheeseburger. It has 2,200 calories, 61 grams of fat, nine patties, nine slices of cheese, one tomato slice and lettuce.


The Milwaukee Brewers have announced two new food offerings for the upcoming baseball season. 'Inside The Park Nachos' feature a stick of beef and refried beans that are rolled in Doritos, and then deep fried and covered with sour cream and cheese. The $20 'Down Wisconsin Avenue Brat'' is 18 inches long and covered with gravy, French fries, cheese curds, cheese sauce, fried sauerkraut, jalapenos, sour cream and chives.


The Detroit Tigers plan to sell deviled eggs and fried jalapenos on top of a bacon stick.


The Texas Rangers are offering Fried S’mOreo, Chicken-fried corn on the cob and Bacon cotton candy.


The Milwaukee Brewers’ Class-A affiliate, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, are selling a bacon cheeseburger wrapped in funnel cake.


The Royals are serving a Steak & Cheese Dog consisting of a hot dog topped with chopped Philly steak and cheese sauce


The Mets are serving Bacon on a Stick consisting of thick cut bacon dipped in Salted Caramel, or S'mores with chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows


The Detroit Tigers are serving Pork Rinds With Queso Dip


They all sound delicious, with a side of heartburn!

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