The Roxy Theater has been closed to the public since March, but let it never be said that they haven't done everything possible to keep delivering awesome stuff to Missoula since then - virtual film festivals, Centerfield Cinema at Ogren Park, the development of The Roxy Garden, allowing people to rent out the theater for private screenings and holiday parties... they've been really killing it over the past few months.

And hopefully, the theater will be able to reopen sometime in the near future, but based on current COVID numbers in Missoula, it's looking like it won't be all that soon. And one of the things I was excited to check out early this year was The Roxy Annex, a new addition to the building that would have opened back in early Spring if not for, you know, everything.

But now, you've got the chance to check it out! And do so in a pretty awesome way. You can actually rent out The Roxy Annex for a video game party for up to 12 people.

They've got a PS4, a Nintendo, and an Atari system already hooked up and available for your use, or you can bring your own system and games and just go nuts. You can reserve a three-hour timeslot for $200, or go for the Ultimate Gaming Party package and get five hours for $350.

Getting my friends together, bringing my Switch and playing three straight hours of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the big screen sounds like one of the best ideas anyone's ever had. Just be warned, I'm pretty darn good with Kirby.

If you need more info or want to reserve a spot, check out The Roxy's website.

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