There's no doubt that the holiday season is going to seem pretty different this year. Going out, celebrating, traveling - all these things are going to be a lot tougher with the pandemic still going on.

If you're ready to finally relax and have some fun with the holidays rolling around, you may want to check out the Roxy Theater. The theater itself is still closed (though they recently opened The Roxy Garden behind it), so they've been using the inside over the summer for private movie rentals. My girlfriend got me a private rental at the theater for my birthday, where we gathered some friends and watched Back to the Future, and man, that was a blast. Now, they're expanding on the idea with private holiday parties. Here's a bit from their website describing what they're offering:

Roxy Holiday Movie Parties are available to book 7-days a week. Bring up to 40 guests and enjoy a Jingle & Mingle social hour in the lobby to kick off your party. Seasonal music will be playing in our beautifully decorated lobby to put everyone in the holiday spirit. Your Roxy Holiday Movie Party includes festive cookie trays and a hot cocoa bar with all the fixins that will knock your stockings off. Your group can watch your favorite seasonal movie, favorite anytime movie or not watch a movie at all and do some karaoke caroling or break out the controllers and play video games. 

Of course, concessions will be available too, and you can even treat your guests to an open concession stand (including beer and wine). You can book your holiday party for $700, though if you do it before October 15th you can get a 5% discount. Seems like a great thing for offices looking to do something for their employees, or large families not sure where they're going to be able to celebrate this year. Will you be checking this out?

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