Missoula... y'all are beautiful. Los Angeles, or any city in California, receives a lot of credit for their beautiful people. Rightfully so but don't sleep on the beauty of Missoulians.

I'm serious about this, by the way. When I moved to Missoula two years ago and experienced my first summer I thought to myself "My goodness, there are so many attractive people in Missoula." I don't know if I was shocked or if I was expecting something else, but I vividly remember having the thought of how beautiful we are.

Good work, everybody.


My friends visited Missoula a few weekends ago and reinforced my thesis, too.

Anyway, that's enough of calling each other hot. The main point of this article is that the television show Yellowstone is still seeking extras to appear on the show. Specifically, they are looking for some beautiful people.


You can't just be attractive. You have to be "very attractive." Yellowstone Extras Casting Facebook posted about a "Llama Scene" coming up in Darby. They need Llama cowgirls that are "very attractive cowgirls- Ages 20-30" to be on set for 4 days beginning on July 8th. If you are a sexy cowgirl and want to make $165/12 hours plus a $40 gas stipend then apply. Here's how:

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Email your first and last name, height and weight, cell phone number and city to yellowstoneextrasmontana@gmail.com.

If you're like me (not an attractive woman) there are still some other options. for you. The last two Facebook posts said they're looking for law enforcement and "RICH types."

I'm neither rich nor do I look like a cop, so I think I'm screwed.

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