A woman was attacked in Yellowstone National Park Sunday, June 3rd by a cow elk. The woman, identified as Charlene Triplett, age 51, from Las Vegas, Nevada, wasn’t a visitor though. According to Public Information Officer Morgan Warthin, Triplett worked at the Mammoth Hot Springs hotel and was attacked just behind the hotel.

“In essence, the elk was protecting a calf that was bedded down roughly twenty feet away," Warthin said. The calf was hidden by other cars. The elk reared up and kicked her, unfortunately, multiple times, hitting her head, her torso, and her back.”

Warthin says it is unclear whether Triplett was able to see the cow or her calf before the attack.

“Rangers responded quickly and they were able to provide immediate attention to her," Warthin said. "Later, she was then flown to the trauma center at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center,” Warthin said. “This is the second encounter between a wild animal and a person in the park that we know of.”

The other attack referenced by Warthin occurred on May 1, when a 72-year-old Idaho woman was butted by a bison near Old Faithful.

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