Having two young kids at home I know a thing or two about the occasional temper tantrum. Thankfully, my daughters save their worst behavior for home. Wait, that seems like a weird thing to say. But what I mean is they'll throw fits at home but we've never really had the dreaded "middle of the store episode" where everybody is watching the meltdown unfold. Oh man, I hope I didn't just jinx it by putting it out into the universe! However, this bison at Yellowstone is more than fine putting its best temper tantrum on display in public for anyone to see.

Somebody was in a mood!

Yellowstone National Park has made news recently as it saw record-setting tourist numbers last year and it also celebrated birthday number 150 just yesterday. And those are great stories but everyone loves the crazy animal stories that come out of Yellowstone! While a snowcoach was making the rounds in the park last month, this bison didn't appear to be in the mood to share the road. He charged at the vehicle a couple of times, and as you'll see in the video below he decides that the best way to handle the situation is pretty much the same way a 3-year-old would. He jumps up and down before flopping on the ground and rolling around a bit. It was a pretty entertaining outburst for the people in the vehicle to witness.

One more act of defiance

After getting back to his feet the bison decides it'll remain in a bratty mood for just a bit longer. It starts walking right down the middle of the path, almost as if to say, "fine, you can drive through here but you'll have to do it at a super-slow speed as I casually lead the way."

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Eventually, the bison did peel off to the side of the road and the sightseers were able to continue on their way. But not before providing a good laugh for the lucky group of onlookers. I guess there isn't much you can do when a bison decides to throw a tantrum. Good luck putting it in timeout!

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