Are you a fan of trivia? Are you good at trivia? Are you like me and enjoy playing trivia but aren't that smart, so therefore you aren't a useful member of your friends' trivia team?


To heck with being intelligent. I enjoy playing trivia and I don't care if I flunk out of every bar trivia.

This isn't the first time I wrote about playing trivia. Earlier this year, I discovered a Montana city/town quiz and tested Montanans on how many cities/towns from their home state they can name. Test your knowledge below.

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I didn't perform well on the Montana City Quiz... I recorded only 31. Meanwhile, some of my coworkers roasted me with 54 and 89 cities. It was quite embarrassing.

Now it's time to test my National Park knowledge. We're big fans of National Parks here in Montana. We're home to a pair of Parks and have quick access out west to many of the best parks in the country. I spend plenty of time at work screwing around and taking quizzes on Sporcle. I stumbled upon a US National Parks quiz.

It's simple: Can you name the US National Parks?

There are a total of 63 national parks and I did not do well.


My feeble effort resulted in a WEAK score of 23/63. I was kicking myself for missing a couple of obvious ones, but there were plenty of parks I had never heard of. Not to give any tips, but there are parks in Indiana and Ohio that I never heard of.

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Now it's your turn. Take the quiz embedded below. Let us know what your score is by commenting on our Facebook page or sending us a message in our mobile app.


If you can't access the quiz above, follow this link: US National Parks Quiz

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