You can't go wrong with visiting Glacier National Park or Yellowstone National Park. Both oases provide stunning views, a chance at wildlife viewing and an opportunity to get away from your phone and all the technology that clings to us on a day-to-day basis.

However, each park has its unique characteristics, and depending on who you are, you may favor one over the other. A user on the social media site Reddit asked the r/Montana page which would be a better place to visit: Glacier or Yellowstone.

"I will be staying in Bozeman for 6 days in September... I haven't visited either Glacier nor Yellowstone - ideally I'd love to hit both parks, but is there one you'd recommend spending more time at?" - username Ok_Nose5693.

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Folks started commenting on which park they prefer. Glacier seemed to be the favorite in the discourse.

"In my opinion, Glacier far surpasses Yellowstone," - username chuang-tzu.

"Someone once told me that compared to Glacier, Yellowstone 'just seemed like little piles of dirt'". - 48north

Yikes... that seems aggressive and incorrect.

Dennis Bragg photo
Glacier National Park Credit: Dennis Bragg

There weren't any responses backing Yellowstone the way Glacier had the support, but there were those who respected it and saw its advantages.

"I always recommend Glacier to those who want to hike. Yellowstone to those who would like to drive to see the wildlife and sites." - username Humble-gorilla.

"Yellowstone is one of a kind scenery, plus tens of thousands of tourists. It's popular for a reason. Waterfalls, mud pots, geothermal pools, unique wildlife, it's all there. It's an experience." - username DjCyric.

"Depends on what you want to see and do. Yellowstone is by far more 'tourist-friendly,' and accessible by motor vehicles."

West Thumb Geyser Basin thermal activity and trees in morning fog
Image courtesy of Getty Images, zrfphoto

I think the sentiments are fair. Except for the one that targets Yellowstone with the "looks like dirt" comment. That was out of line.

Vote below on what your favorite national park is between Glacier and Yellowstone.

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