Honestly, I don't think I have ever made what you would call a legitimate food pilgrimage. Clear across town for cheap Jumbo Burgers way back in the day doesn't count! Regardless, here's a bunch of guys who would put most of us to shame, anyway. Either that or they're just plain crazy!

It was a 2,000-mile road trip for fried chicken at a KFC. But not just any KFC, and that's really the point. Two men and their four sons drove from Montreal to Corbin, Kentucky, to eat fried chicken at the Harlan Sanders (Col. Sanders to most of us) Cafe and Museum. Yep, apparently the mother ship of KFC locations is these guys' Graceland.

And the review of the cuisine at the museum/cafe? Well, "delicious," of course. Man, I hope so. And I'm sure the good Colonel would be honored.


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